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freakboy on film: THREE IN THE ATTIC (1968)

Three women pose provocatively on the dvd cover of 3 in the attic

Unlike many of the crazy films I’ve experienced over the last year, this one did NOT ping onto my radar through my Andy Milligan obsession.  Instead, I must thank the cheesy, far less sexy Vampira/Elvira knock-off named Svengoolie.  I was watching his horror movie show on ME-TV when he got to my favorite part…the cast!  He talks about the various film and television roles the actors are best known for since it’s probably not from the wonderfully schlocky movie he’s showing.

I can’t recall what film Svengoolie was presenting, but he mentioned Judy Pace was in the controversial film THREE IN THE ATTIC.  My interest was peaked by the title and the word controversial, so I grabbed my phone and searched IMDb Here is what my phone read to me…. 

When three coeds discover that the campus Casanova is dating them

all at once, they lock him up in an attic and take turns having sex with

him…to drain the stud of his potency.”

I started laughing, perhaps inappropriately.  Then I asked the world, in a most incredulous tone, “How have I not heard of this film?”  In the days that followed, I watched the trailer and searched streaming sites.  I found it listed on Epix, but instead of subscribing, I decided to look for a physical copy.  There was one very inexpensive DVD on eBay, so I snatched it up without a second thought.  Maybe it was a hunch that THREE IN THE ATTIC would be my bag or perhaps I really do have a filmic problem.  Either way, I took a breath and popped in the disc. 

Christopher Jones as Paxton quigley
Paxton Quigley

The IMDb synopsis is basically spot on, but there’s a little more to it.  Big stud on campus Paxton Quigley, who even gets his own theme song*, meets Tobey.  Tobey is an intellectually driven young woman from a nearby women’s college .  This unlikely pair seem to fall in love and their future looks bright.  That is until Tobey’s parents butt in, causing friction between the lovebirds.  

Yvette Mimieux as Tobey

Maybe this is why Paxton Quigley is seduced, his words, by another young woman from the same college as Tobey.  Eulice is an artist looking for a good time and a subject to paint, both of which she finds in Paxton Quigley.  He puts the ass in class as he takes Eulice to a cheap motel he frequents so often that he receives a discount. 

Judy Pace as Eulice

As if Paxton Quigley wasn’t already a big enough dirty-ho-playa’, he has a collision with some flowers and yet another young woman from  the same college as Tobey and Eulice.  Janet is a new age hippie-chick looking for inner peace while indulging her id.  She nearly doesn’t fall for the so-called charms of Paxton Quigley until he claims to be queer.  It’s 1968, so of course Janet must use her womanly flower power to “save” him. 

Maggie Thrett as Janet.

Tobey, Eulice and Janet do not know about each other’s involvement with the same man because Paxton Quigley has a hook-up schedule, which also includes watching Bonanza on his day of rest.  His bed-hopping goes on for a while, but Paxton Quigley eventually seems to want to give up his philandering ways and settle down with Tobey.  Tobey, however, has other plans.

Judy Pace as Eulice, Yvette Mimieux as Tobey and Maggie Thrett as Janet.
Hell  hath no fury like 3 women scorned!

The three women have figured out what’s been going on, so they do what anyone would do.  Lock the scoundrel in an attic and give him exactly what he wants.  Yes, Tobey, Eulice and Janet take turns having sex with him.  What seems almost like a titillating prank turns dark when Paxton Quigley goes on a hunger strike.  Will Paxton Quigley be the first casualty of the sexual revolution?  What is Tobey, Eulice and Janet’s end game?  You’ll have to watch to find out. 

Yvette Mimieux is intense and complex as Tobey, especially when the attic plan is set into motion.  Judy Pace is fun and fierce as Eulice, especially when she’s being sexually aggressive.  Plus, she gets the best line in the film… “True love just makes me sick.”  Maggie Thrett is trippy and a bit crazy as Janet, especially when she’s in full-tilt new age hippie-chick mode.  Christopher Jones is frustratingly likable as Paxton Quigley, even when he’s being an utter creep.  This is probably because he emanates a chilled James Franco vibe. 

Christopher Jones As Paxton Quigley
Paxton Quigley dreaming of watching Bonanza.

Director Richard Wilson does a serviceable job.  There are some interesting visuals, especially in a dream sequence.  Though generally the look of the film reminds me of made for television movies from the 1970’s, which is not a complaint.  Low-budget and unpolished holds my attention.  What also held my attention is the story.  Writer Stephen Yafa creates four memorable main characters and an intriguing premise.  The plot slows down a little in the middle, and maybe doesn’t dig quite as deep as it could, but the story has enough controversial situations and dialogue to keep things interesting.  Honestly, it is probably more controversial in 2022 than it was in 1968.

In conclusion, THREE IN THE ATTIC is not for everyone.  I enjoyed it because the story is a step off the beaten path and it’s not to be taken too seriously.  The amusing animated end credits of a couple discussing the film illuminates the satirical edge.  So, if you want something a little different, put some flowers in your hair and experience THREE IN THE ATTIC.

Movie poster for 3 in the attic, with text that reads,  You're Paxton Quigley, a legend in your own time. But you're being cut down in your prime by a trio of vengeful young women, merely because you gave your affectionate services simultaneously to all three.


Paxton Quigley’s theme song will become your new earworm! 🎵 

Thank you for reading or listening to my half-blind words. 

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Lash demands you click him


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A scene from Take It Out In Trade (1970)


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Haunting Sturgeons by John L. Harmon

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freakboy on film: TAKE IT OUT IN TRADE (1970)

Long before I hustled down 42nd Street with Andy Milligan

Way before I tripped beyond my dreaming with Russ Meyer

Years before I became a hair-hopper with John Waters

There was Edward D. Wood Jr, more affectionately known as Ed Wood.  

Ed wood

I was a kid when I first heard of Ed Wood and it wasn’t long before I was reveling in his magnum opus PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE (1957).  It was love at first Criswell and I eventually experienced more of his other films, including GLEN OR GLENDA (1953).  His weirdly backwards, yet way ahead of it’s time, tale of gender reassignment and transvestitism clicked in my young queer mind and is still a personal favorite.  

Glen or Glenda

Honestly, I had never heard of TAKE IT OUT IN TRADE until this year.  My love of Wood mainly centered around his early horror and crime stuff.  His later sexploitation flicks never interested me, but then I stumbled upon TRADE on the Vinegar Syndrome website.  Sadly, the Blu-ray/DVD combo pack was out of stock and it was nowhere to be found on Amazon or even eBay, which shocked me.  All I could turn up on eBay was a Something Weird Video VHS of outtakes from the film, but more about that later.  A Google “shopping” search located a reasonably priced copy at Forbidden Planet in NYC.  I ordered it on a Friday and it arrived the following Monday.  This was using the cheapest shipping method, so I was very satisfied with Forbidden Planet.  However, a question remains…

Was I satisfied with TAKE IT OUT IN TRADE? 

The blu-ray of Take it out in trade

Well…yes and no.  

On one side, the threadbare plot about a snooty couple hiring Mac McGregor, private investigator, to find their 20 year-old daughter Shirley is just an excuse to show T & A…& V.  The inept and beyond sketchy private eye  uses the case to literally travel around the world ogling naked women as they walk up and down a staircase, play pool and basically engage in soft-core porn.  In other words, TAKE IT OUT IN TRADE is definitely aimed for a hetero-centric male audience…

Mac and Alecia

or is it? 

On the flip side, when the film is focused on the actual plot, we are introduced to LGBTQ+ characters that, for a 1970’s skin-flick, seem revolutionary…and I am not talking about the prerequisite lesbian sex scenes.  After P.I. Mac McGregor roughs up Sleazy Maisie Rumpledinck, a drug addicted hooker who could have escaped from a John Waters film, she tells him Shirley is with “that drag queen Alecia.” 


Well, that drag queen is played by Ed Wood himself and it’s a glorious moment.  Dressed in orange angora  and a green miniskirt, with long white go-go boots, and topped with a blond wig, Alecia snaps, crackles and pops in a tragically brief scene.  It’s easy to see that Ed is having a good time here, which is why this scene is awesome!  I just wish Alecia would’ve been the main character or at least got a spin-off film, but it was 1970.  Anyhoo, the private dick roughs her up a bit and she reveals  Shirley took off with Paul and Henry, two “nice boys.”

Paul and Henry

After an extended montage of naked staircase walking and billiards, we finally meet Paul and Henry.  These “nice boys” have been married for two years and they have a “house-mother” who picks up tricks for them.  Paul and Henry blur the lines between gender and traditional marriage roles, which make them a joy to watch.  Surprisingly, Mac McGregor doesn’t rough them up for information.  Instead, the P.I. questions their “house-mother” Ruth in her bedroom, if you know what I mean. 

Does the private investigator find the missing Shirley?  Will her snobbish parents pay up?  Will the title make sense by the end?  Does it matter since the plot is secondary?  I am not going to spoil you with answers, even though this may not be the easiest film to find.


Despite the differences from his earlier work, TAKE IT OUT IN TRADE is very much written and directed by Ed Wood.  First, take insane dialogue.  “Show me a person, man or woman, who can say sex doesn’t enter their minds more than they care to admit and I’ll show you a dead human.”  Mix this with debatable acting.  Ed Wood is easily the best actor in the bunch, which probably says a lot.  Finally add some crazy visuals.  What appears to be indoor lightning suddenly flashes before a set of curtains in one scene.  Then a woman walks by a painting while holding an umbrella in another.  Both scenes are repeated throughout the film, leaving the viewer wondering what it all means.  Only the late Ed Wood knows for certain, but the random nonsense enhances the film.  

Lady with umbrella

According to the audio commentary and the liner notes, TAKE IT OUT IN TRADE was maybe or maybe not shown in one theater back in 1970 before disappearing into the filmic ether.  Then, in the 1990’s, Something Weird Video unearthed over an hour of silent outtakes and released it on VHS.  This footage is included on the Blu-ray, and it’s an interesting historical document with an eye-popping scene or two.  Thankfully one print of the film was discovered and released by American Genre Film Archive & Something Weird Video.  From my understanding, actor/stuntman Ray “Crash” Corrigan had been sitting on the print all this time.  If anything, it gives me hope that Andy Milligan’s lost films will one day be found. 

In conclusion, I am left with mixed feelings.  When focused on its plot, TAKE IT OUT IN TRADE is brilliant and brilliantly absurd, but the sexploitation scenes quickly become boring and repetitive.  So, I recommend TAKE IT OUT IN TRADE with a suggestion.  

Don’t hesitate to hit the Fast-Forward  button. 

(Click here for IMDb’s shockingly incomplete cast list

Thank you for reading or listening to my half-blind words. 

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P.S.  TAKE IT OUT IN TRADE was the first place winner in a Twitter poll I conducted to decide which film I should review now that my blog serial is over.  

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A scene from 3 in the attic


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Haunting sturgeons, by john L. Harmon

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DARK EXCURSIONS (my dream cast)

Gill of Realweegiemidget Reviews is getting ready to read my modern take on gothic romance, which is exciting and a bit nerve-wracking for me.  That’s how I always get when someone announces they are reading one of my books.  Anyhoo, she asked which actors I would cast if DARK EXCURSIONS became a film or TV series.  This wasn’t the easiest question to answer, but I thought I would give it a shot.

So, for better or for worse, meet my dream cast of DARK EXCURSIONS… 

Dark excursions by john l. Harmon

(NOTE - age of actors may not completely fit with characters

Anapola Van Der Van - Nicole Kidman 

Nicole Kidman

(I had her in mind as the manipulative matriarch while writing the book)

Crop HoppinsColin Farrell 

Colin Farrell

(He would exude the former stable boy’s roguish charm and sizzling sensuality)   

Cheryl Van Der Van - Lili Reinhart 

Lili Reinhart

(This RIVERDALE actor would perfectly circumnavigate Cheryl’s emotional growth as she confronts the past)

Dinkel - Josh Hutcherson  

Josh Hutcherson

(I think this HUNGER GAMES actor would easily express the one-armed gardener’s strength and vulnerability)

Xylem Smith - Timothy Olyphant 

Timothy Olyphant

(For some reason, his role in SANTA CLARITA DIET made me imagine him as the busy businessman)  

Luchia Diego-Smith - Salma Hayek 

Salma Hayek

(She would expertly bring out the fierceness and loneliness of this rich housewife)

Ivan Kramnik - Alexander Skarsgård 

Alexander Skarsgård

(He would be brazen, intimidating and sexy as the Russian tennis instructor) 

Dr. Jannette Parker - Gal Gadot 

Gal gadot

(Intelligent, statuesque and mysterious…this WONDER WOMAN actor would be perfect as the psychiatrist harboring a life-altering secret)

Father John Francis - Tobey Maguire 

Tobey Maguire

(Well, if I can’t play the less than faithful priest, then the SPIDER-MAN actor will do nicely) 

Sister Beatrice Cross - Naomi Watts 

Naomi watts

(I pictured her as this sweet, but determined nun when writing the book)

Peter Obelisk - Ross Lynch 

Ross lynch

(This CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA actor looks the part of Xylem’s chauffeur, at least in my mind)

Sheriff Mick Webb - Sam Rockwell 

Sam Rockwell

(He would bring sympathy to this sad, down on his luck lawman) 

Well, that’s my dream cast.  Hope you found it interesting.  There are a few more characters, but I’ll let Gill and other readers cast them.  

For more about Gill and her extremely entertaining entertainment blog, click the pic ⤵️ to experience an eye-opening interview… 👁 

RealWeegiemidget Reviews

For more info or to order a copy of DARK EXCURSIONS, click the pic…⤵️ 

"The character development is quite simply brilliant." - Amazon reader review. Available from Amazon

Thank you for reading or listening to my half-blind words! 

And a huge THANK YOU to Gill!!!

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Haunting Sturgeons

Tuesday, March 1, 2022


 Previously in this blog serial...

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Now the HAUNTING concludes...


Haunting Sturgeons, epilogue, by john L. Harmon

That’s what I remember about the day I killed a man.  

Now I’m serving 15 years in prison for voluntary manslaughter.

I took full responsibility for why I had a gun and for shooting Clyde Woodhouse, so there was no need for a trial, just a hearing to determine my fate.

Benjamin Straker appeared and asked the court for leniency due to the traumatic events in my life.

The judge wasn’t interested, sighting my premeditated intention to inflict harm as reason for the maximum sentence. 

Straker paid me a visit afterwards and we discussed guilt and forgiveness, something we both struggle with.  

It felt good to talk with him, to take an initial step in making what seems like impossible amends. 

Then Eddie showed up one day, which made me nervous because I didn’t know what to expect.

His visit was full of long stretches of uncomfortable silence, but he said he would come back and he did. 

We mainly talk about my letter, working our way through my lies, which is painful, but necessary.

He is still coming to terms with the magnitude of what I did, but he places some of the blame on his dad for encouraging my actions. 

Sometimes, after one of Eddie’s visits, I allow myself to hope, but only for a brief moment.

I still have many years to go before I’m free.

Free from the ghosts of Sturgeons.

Free from the shadow of Stickler Hill. 

Free from the prison I built for myself.


Thank you for reading or listening to my half-blind words! 

Freak Out, 


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