Friday, January 30, 2015

Technology Sucketh

Through this minute window
My body fills with untold sights and sounds
Phantasmagorical echoes of possibilities
Beckoning my very soul to follow

This window abruptly closes
Miscalculation of some unknown origin
Passageway to a land of wonder denied
Beaching me in reality

Contemplating wicked writing.

I forgot the ink bottle in the first photo!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Look into the mirror
See the five year old staring through the kindergarten door
Crying as his peers run, laugh and play
Envisioning the pain and torment of his coming years

Look into the mirror
See the eight year old playing with his friend
Feeling the grasp of a teacher sick of them together
Boys should play with boys and girls with girls

Look into the mirror
See the nine year old trying to make himself sick
Avoiding peers is becoming a daily struggle
Along with the hateful teacher who thinks him stupid

Look into the mirror
See the ten year old with a bald spot
Pulled out of nervous stress from school
And to feel pain somewhere other than inside

Look into the mirror
See the twelve year old sitting in a bedroom
Contemplating a glass of eternal oblivion
Fear and the door bursting open keeps him here

Look into the mirror
See the thirteen year old sitting alone at lunch
Partly by choice, partly by circumstance
Dealing with it until another points out his solitude

Look into the mirror
See the fourteen year old being placed in special ed
Missed too many days of required regular school
Though he always had his homework finished on time

Look into the mirror
See the fifteen year old being committed
Locked away in a solid quiet room for hours
Refusing to lose his temper or cry for strangers

Look into the mirror
See the sixteen year old quitting school
Hoping to leave the accumulating pain behind
It is either this or leave this life completely

Look into the mirror
See the sixteen year old six months later
Passing official tests, receiving his diploma
Facing ignorant prejudice because it is "not real"

Look into the mirror
See the young adult floundering
Unsettled, never finding a place
Feeling unworthy of anything and anyone

Look into the mirror
See the thirty-nine year old reaching for the sun
Putting himself out there as never before
Constantly fighting against decades of self-doubt

Look into the mirror
See the forty-one year old writing these words
Shattering old reflections, gluing them together
Piece by piece to better understand himself and tomorrow

2015,  John L. Harmon

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Circle Back Full

( inspired by a blogpost writing prompt from @entrebat )

Illuminating truth
Nighttime streets
Fearing nothing
Rhythmic concrete beats

Curved horizons
Vaguely lie
Above below
Lurid pillars high

Brimming ground
Cohesive sign
Finding others
Oxygen dust line

Moving forward
Systematic flight
Focused together
Sky top light

Saturday, January 10, 2015

never was

trapped in the moment
between night and dawn
i imagine you with me
your arms encircling
lips pressed against my ear
whispering your heart
until words fall away
and the sun breaks
leaving me with a memory
of what never was




Monday, January 5, 2015

Limiting Time

My writing goal for 2015 is to see a 4-in-1 print edition of my e-book serial released into the general population by the end of March.  A worthy goal to be sure and one I believe to be possible with proper scheduling and discipline.  In other words, there are only so many hours in a day, which means I must utilize my time wisely.

One place where my time loses all sense of minutes and hours is social media.  Most of the time I enjoy connecting with fellow writers and other creative/interesting online friends.  Other times I spend way too much time online escaping reality, which often leaves me feeling empty, as if I just wasted precious hours of my life I'll never get back.

All of this ultimately translates into spending less time online and more time editing/writing.  So please forgive me if I miss some of your posts, tweets, videos, photos or blogs, or if I appear distant in the next few months.  There is much left to do before the print edition is ready, not to mention new projects being written, and I must attempt to stay focused.  Of course, I know myself well enough to know there will be a day, or two, or three where I lapse and find myself online more than planned.

Thank you for reading and all of your support.  I'll still be around and checking in when I allow myself.  It all boils down to managing my online time and my offline life more efficiently, which will hopefully result in increased productivity and a print edition of Dark Excursions by the end of March!

a freak and his book

Be well and Freak Out,

Thursday, January 1, 2015

For the new year...

Dawn breaks over the new year
Shattering peaceful slumber
With the promise of life renewed

Another cycle to flip through
Marking the days of joy and despair
Until it all ends only to begin again

Be well, Freak Out, and...
Have a great 2015!