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Haunting Sturgeons, chapter 20, by john L. Harmon

    I am lying awake in the comfortable motel bed.  Comfortable because Eddie is next to me, his body against mine.  His arm is draped over my side and I feel the steady rhythm of his breath against my neck.  Gently pressing his hand against my chest, I wish I could join him in deep slumber.  Nothing sounds better than to drift into unconsciousness with Eddie beside me, our bodies entangled in the sweet calm of afterglow, but I can’t.   

    All I can think about is what brought me back to Sturgeons.  It would be so much easier if the man curled up next to me was the only reason.  There would be no reason to leave this bed.  No reason to get dressed and turn on my phone.  No reason to sit down at the writing desk and pull out a blank piece of paper.  No reason to explain my actions, to confess to being a liar.  Lies born to hide my pain and anger from others, from myself.  

    My mother keeps to herself these days, rarely leaving her home.  That’s what I told Eddie, but I didn’t explain that her home is in a psychiatric ward.  Between dealing with my father and her overwhelming grief over Tommy, my mother slowly withdrew into her own mind.  Watching her fade away from us, from me, was excruciating.  Even the doctors stopped pretending there was any chance of recovery.  I just hope that my mother has found Tommy in whatever mental world she created for herself.  

    My father died last year.  That much is true, but I lied to Eddie about the heart attack.  He had been drinking more and more, fueling his rage against the lawman.  Not a day went by without my father blaming Straker for everything. Tommy’s disappearance.  The destruction of Sturgeons.  My mother’s deteriorating mental state.  After she was committed, my father couldn’t take it anymore.  I came home one day and found him dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.  He was finally at peace, his anger and pain forever silenced, but mine continued. 

    There’s more I should tell Eddie, but maybe It doesn’t matter.  No matter how much I explain, he will have questions.  Questions with answers that he doesn’t need to be burdened with.  Even though I can claim I’m protecting Eddie, I know that deep down I’m a selfish man.  I just hope, no matter what happens, he believes I care.

    I don’t want Eddie waking up to think our night together meant nothing, that he was just a warm body.  This time together, although brief, has been life.  A sweet breath filling my lungs, turning our old friendship into something deeper, more meaningful.  At least this is what I tell myself as I gently slide his arm from around me.  

    Slowly sitting up, I quietly leave the bed and walk to the bathroom.  The harsh lighting is almost blinding, but I stare at my guilty reflection in the mirror.  I tell myself Eddie will try to understand because that’s who he is, who he has always been.  Eddie Newcastle is a thoughtful man who will forgive me, even though forgiveness will be the last thing I deserve.


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freakboy muses music: BRICKLAYER BOSH - “CURSEBREAKER”

It’s been a long couple of years, so the dropping of new music from BRICKLAYER BOSH was like a reward for surviving the madness and chaos.  Their first two albums reverberate with a fun vibe, like The B-52’s churned and filtered through a goth-punk-rockabilly spirit box.  So, I was in for a dose of intense, and oh so sweet, shock treatment when I listened to CURSEBREAKER! ⚡️ 

Curse breaker by bricklayer Bosh

Deeper music!

Darker lyrics!

Angrier attitude! 

And damn, I loved it! 

BRICKLAYER BOSH takes the listener on a tumultuous transmission trip through flipping off the haters to ditching the jerks you’ve wasted too much of your life on.  The electric energy and bulldozing beats in CURSEBREAKER culminate into the hard-won power of finding your voice, but learning that it’s your choice to either fly with your inner music or fall into a deadly pit of silence.  A lesson we all need reminding of from time to time. 

In conclusion, if you crave a jolt in the new year, plug your mindscape into the magnetic pull of CURSEBREAKER from the rock-sharp core of BRICKLAYER BOSH! πŸ˜Ž





Check out this awesome 2021 interview with BRICKLAYER BOSH… ⤵️

Bricklayer bosh

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Haunting Sturgeons by john L. Harmon

Thursday, December 30, 2021

2021 . . . and done.

Amphibian freak

It’s been a strange year. 

Honestly, I think 2021 was worse than 2020.  People, from every side of every issue, seemed louder and more annoying than ever. 

That’s why I found refuge in blogging.  An escape from so-called reality, which we all need every so often.  So click the pics below ⤵️ to escape into some of my best creative stuff from 2021…

Andy Milligan

Paper cuts

Blind date

Josie and the pussycats in outer space

Sabrina the teenage witch

Shriek of the mutilated

Therapy sesssion

Bubbas truck

Before 2021 becomes history, I must make two announcements.  


I’m taking a break from The Collective Eye Hopefully it will eventually reopen in some form or another.  However, you can always explore the Archive for creative stuff from other creative minds…⤵️

The Collective eye archive


Haunting Sturgeons will continue, and conclude, in 2022!  You can catch-up here…⤵️

Haunting Sturgeons by john L. Harmon

So, stay tuned and thank you for all of the support in 2021.  I sincerely appreciate it. πŸ€“

Have a Happy (freaky) New Year! πŸŽ‰ πŸΈ 

A freaky baby new year

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It’s short and sweet and some people die! πŸ€“


(an LGBTQ sci-fi horror romance

Darkening sturgeons, By john l. Harmon
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Make 2022 the year of Sturgeons! 

Sunday, December 19, 2021

A Haunting Breath


‘Tis the season to sit back, relax and take a mental breath.  

HAUNTING STURGEONS has been chugging full steam ahead, but I feel like I’m running on fumes.

So, please consider Chapter Nineteen a mid-season finale, of sorts, as I take a couple of weeks off to rest and regroup before the steep climb ahead. 

I apologize for the short notice, but don’t worry…

The HAUNTING will continue in 2022! 

Until then, tell your friends to click the pic ⤵️ to catch up on the small town intrigue of HAUNTING STURGEONS

Haunting Sturgeons by john l. Harmon

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Also, thank you for your patience and support! 

Happy Holidaze! 

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If you know someone who claims to HATE soap operas, but LOVES to binge… 

This Is Us 


Game of Thrones 


Desperate Housewives 

…then DARK EXCURSIONS is the perfect gift for that special LIAR in your life! πŸ“š



Dark Excursions by john l. Harmon
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Tuesday, December 14, 2021


 Previously in this blog serial...

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Now the HAUNTING continues...


Haunting Sturgeons, chapter 19, by john l. Harmon

    I am gazing into the dark brown eyes of Eddie Newcastle.  We had been at Gordon’s Bar, sitting at ‘our’ table and talking.  He had a busy day at the body shop with a carburetor and multiple tire changes.  No matter how fast he worked, his dad yelled at him over every little thing.  I suggested my presence was probably the reason, but Eddie didn’t think so.  He figured his dad was just being his dad.

    Eddie moves closer, reaching for my hand.  He asked me about my day as we drank the pitcher of beer.  I told him about visiting Ms. Minch and how age had failed to soften her.  Eddie wasn’t surprised to hear the gossipmonger is as bitter and nasty now as she was then.  I grudgingly admitted that, despite her toxic personality, she had been helpful.  This shocked him even more than it had me.

    I entwine my fingers with Eddie’s, feeling the warmth of his skin.  We drained the last of the beer into our glasses and I told him about the library.  He agreed the ending of the lawman’s book sounded crazy, but he wondered if the truth could be stranger than fiction.  I also told him about the proposition I received, which made him chuckle.  It turned out that he had briefly dated Simon Hollis, but their relationship ended when Eddie wouldn’t give the head librarian what he wanted.  

    “I waited for you, Jimmy,” Eddie confesses in a gentle whisper.  We emptied our glasses over a brief discussion about the Abernathy-Woodhouse clan.  The scientist had been Eddie’s high school chemistry instructor and she still teaches, but works at the pharmacy on the side.  My old police crush had become sheriff when Sturgeons was rebuilt, but now he’s a stay-at-hone dad.  This made me wonder if having kids was why the scientist pushed me and the past away. 

    Placing a hand on his cheek, I move closer to Eddie.  My phone vibrated in my pocket as we said goodnight to Val and left Gordon’s Bar.  The inevitable text was short and to the point, asking me if I was still all in.  I apologized to Eddie for the interruption, but he didn’t mind waiting as I dealt with the message.  With only a moment of hesitation, I replied with a ‘yes’ and then quickly shut off the necessary evil.  Eddie inquired if everything was alright as we walked towards our vehicles.  This shook me a bit, but I assured him that everything was fine.  He believed my words because I believed them.

    Standing together in my room at the Teeter-Totter Motel, I still believe my words.  The words I said to Eddie.  The word I texted, but morning will come soon enough.  Tonight is about us.  About what might have been.  About the connection that never faded away. 

    Moving as one, we kiss for the first time.  Tender and passionate, our lips taste the affection we missed out on over our long separation.  I whisper his name within a breath and feel Eddie tremble.  Pulling back just a little, I ask if he’s sure.  He answers with a kiss so full, so deep, so open that we melt into the night…into each other. 


The HAUNTING continues in…

Chapter twenty

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It was 5 years ago this month when I saw a chunk of my vision fading away.

A few years later, I published this small volume about my experience, along with some poetry. 





Vision bent, half-blind poems, by John L. Harmon
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 Previously in this blog serial...

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Now the HAUNTING continues...


Haunting Sturgeons, Chapter 18 by john L. Harmon

    I am entering a less suspicious atmosphere in Gordon’s Bar.  A few heads turn at the sound of the door, but I no longer hold their interest.  They quickly return to their conversations and drinks as a slow instrumental song plays on the jukebox.  There is no sign of Eddie, so I take a seat at the bar. 

    Valerie Danforth steps up to the other side and scrutinizes me with a genial smile.  “Long day, Jimmy?”

    After the emotional land mind of Ms. Minch, reading the lawman’s book while being watched by an eager librarian and the disappointing conversation with the bride of Woodhouse, a long day seems like an understatement.  “Yeah, and a strange one, Val.” 

    “Welcome to Sturgeons,”she gently smirks, placing a coaster in front of me.  “What will it be?”

    We lock eyes and I once again see the haunted look of someone who lost a loved one to Sturgeons.  “Maybe just a water while I wait for Eddie.”  

    She nods in what I assume is approval.  “Is he why you came back to town?” 

    From someone else, the blunt question might irritate me, but she is obviously protective of Eddie.  “He is one reason.  Another reason is my brother.”  

    Val places a glass of water on the coaster and leans in, “I understand.  The memory of my grandfather brought me back here.” 

    “Eddie told me your grandfather owned this bar.” 

    “Oh, he didn’t just own it, he started Gordon’s.  Turned an empty building into a thriving business.”  She briefly glances towards the jukebox and the mounted croquet mallet above it.  “Gramps loved this place, so I knew Gordon’s Bar would return when Sturgeons was rebuilt.”

      “Do you ever wonder what happened to your grandfather?”  I cringe inside, hoping I haven’t crossed a line.  “Sorry.”  

    “It’s ok, Jimmy.  I do think about all the rumors and theories, but I try not to dwell on it.”  She randomly wipes a rag over an area of the bar, “My gramps wouldn’t want me to get lost in mourning.” 

    I take in her words, a sentimental variation of the scientist’s advice, and try to apply them to my situation.  We both lost someone, but I suspect our last ten years have been extremely different from one another.  Did Val experience the endless crying or the encompassing rage?  Did she end up losing so much more than her grandfather?  I open my mouth to ask, but she stops me before I can begin. 

    “Besides, there are better things to dwell on.”  Val moves away from the bar, her curly hair bouncing lightly.  “I’ll bring you a pitcher.” 

    This confuses me until a  hand comes to rest on my shoulder and I hear his voice, “Thanks, Val.”  

    I turn a little to find Eddie standing at my side, his lopsided grin larger than usual.  “Hope you haven’t been waiting long.” 

    “No,” I answer, feeling the warmth of his touch.  “You’re right on time.” 


The HAUNTING continues in…

Chapter 19/

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