Wednesday, November 26, 2014

4 days...

I am going to take four days off of being online.

The physical reason for this decision is my favorite Wi-Fi hangout will be closed Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Sure, there are other hotspots I could visit, but I figured I should use this time to shake the digital noise out of my head.

The emotional reason for this decision is sometimes the internet and, more specifically, social media can be overwhelming, underwhelming, or something in between.  I've been on various sites for less than two years, so I vividly recall a time before I was a slave to checking for interactions.

I'm not sure how I'll utilize the time I typically spend online.  Hopefully catch up on editing.  A print edition of my e-book serial will be released into the general population, sooner or later.  I may also watch a few movies in my queue or possibly write something amazing.  Who knows, maybe I'll make a real life friend who doesn't live 65 or more miles away.  Considering I suck at real life stuff, this is seriously unlikely, but ya' never know.

I will miss visiting my various and varied online and real life friends over the next four days, but I believe my temporary absence from social media will be a healthy choice.  At least it will give me an opportunity to focus on something else for a while.

Be well, Readers, and Freak Out (until Monday),


Friday, November 14, 2014

Written Yesterday, To Be Sent Tomorrow, Today

This poem from a couple of years ago sums up my week quite nicely.
(The following was inspired by Kim, who was not the only one having a nonlinear moment.)
Yesterday the librarian said today would be Friday
Meaning today is Friday and yesterday was Thursday
But, according to a letter I typed, I was certain yesterday was Wednesday
Meaning today is Thursday, not Wednesday or Tuesday
Now I don't know if tomorrow was yesterday, or yesterday is today, or if today will be two days away
These multiple days are causing my mind to sway
Perhaps it ultimately doesn't matter the name of the day
As long as you celebrate it in your own unique way
John L. Harmon
Be well, Readers, and Freak Out,

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Now serving 41...

Another year begins and it is not even January 1st.

In the past 12 months...

I wrapped up Darkening Sturgeons.

Wrote various short stories, from sci-fi to supernatural to a western.

Dabbled in some audio/video poetry.

Spiffed up my e-book serial and have slowly been preparing a print edition.

There are two things I have learned, even when shadowed by visceral self-doubt...

1) Keep expanding.  In other words, be open to new experiences.

2) Keep going.  In other words, you truly cannot predict what is waiting around the corner.

My New Year resolution is to remember these very important lessons, especially when that hollow feeling dares to envelop my soul.

Be well and Freak Out,
(older but probably not wiser)