Saturday, March 1, 2014

Meanwhile on Planet Tongue...

    "This is war!" President Bitter shouts to the General of War and Salt.  "We have tried almost everything to subdue the enemy's sweetness!  Even the Artificial Sweetener Aftertaste Lasers failed!"
    "Are you suggesting we use...?"  The General of War and Salt dares not finish the question, for that would make the option all too real.  Even a general of war, who generally enjoys an occasional war, feels a certain uncertainty over what horror may come next.
    "That is exactly what I'm suggesting, General.  I am not fond of this decision, but the enemy has brought us to this unspeakable moment."
    "With all due respect, President, have you considered what this will mean, not just for the enemy, but for us as well?"
    President Bitter falls into contemplative silence.

* * * * * *

    "The information is empirical!" President Sweet shouts to the General of War and Sugar.  "Just as their lasers failed, so have our Vinegar Tanks!  Our arsenal to subdue the enemy's bitterness has been depleted!"
    "Not quite depleted," the General suggests with hesitation.  This general would rather not suggest the unsuggestable, but must concede to the parameters of the position.
    "Yes, General, I am aware of our final piece of artillery and its destructive force."
    "Then there is only one question left, President.  Do you unleash it upon our enemy, knowing how far its force will spread?"
    President Sweet falls into silent contemplation.

* * * * * *

    Two lovers meet, in the clandestine way that forbidden lovers often meet, on what can be described as the epicenter of the ongoing war.  The unmarked boundary between their volatile lands, where most would fear to tread due to the close proximity of a perceived enemy, is their secret place.  Forbidden lovers, such as these, know only the fear of never being together.
    "I wasn't sure if you would make it, Aflob."
    "I wasn't sure either, Bloot.  Tensions are escalating."
    An oppressive atmosphere fills their entwined souls.  The war between their respective lands pains them as much as it reinforces their unwavering loyalty for one another.  Now the forbidden lovers find themselves on the edge of oblivion.
    "There has been an announcement," Aflob states grimly.  "President Bitter is prepared to detonate the Novocaine Bomb."
    "President Sweet has made a similar announcement," reveals Bloot.  "It seems like there is no turning back from this."
    "The whole planet is doomed if this stupid war continues."
    "They are so blinded by the fact we taste differently that they fail to realize we all taste."
    "Swallow them all..." Aflob begins to curse.
    " the Gullet," Bloot finishes.
    Joint cursing dissolves the melancholic talk of war and the Novocaine Bomb and sparks a far more personal conversation.  A conversation of each other.
    "I sense you, Bloot."
    "I sense you more than anything, Aflob."
    "Then let us embrace this fragile moment and make sweet sense together while we still can."
    As the forbidden lovers begin to make sense, creating a sensation new to this planet, a tingling, fuzzy feeling sweeps over them.  Initially they do not take heed, believing this feeling to be a byproduct of making sense, but then the devastating truth hits them a moment too late.  A heavy thickness overpowers every other sensation, causing the lovers to lull listlessly to one side.  In a short time Planet Tongue and its inhabitants have fallen numb, never to feel anything again.
                                         (photos and story by John L. Harmon)
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