Monday, July 28, 2014


    I silently watch the speck of light mocking me from the infinity of space.  It torments me with every rotation and revolution, spinning blindly, thinking it is the center of the universe.  Others must sense the ludicrous, pretentious signals it accidentally and purposely sends out into the cosmos.
    Earth has always been this way.  Even before life occurred in those vibrant blue oceans, which it never tires of showing off, Earth thought itself better than the rest of the solar system.  Everyone assumed Mars would be the first to support life, but none of us can say exactly what went wrong there.  Rumors still persist that whatever stopped Martian life was somehow connected to Earth.
    Of course, there was no mitigating the gargantuan ego once Earth developed what it likes to brag as "intelligent life."  To be fair, I have never met one of these Earthlings, but I have experienced their mechanisms and I know they are watching me.  Well, were watching.
    Ever since I was excommunicated as a planet, I'm uncertain how much attention is directed towards me.  Neptune even ceased communication since we no longer have Planet Status in common.  I've been reclassified as a dwarf planet or a planetoid, but there may be something I can do about this flagrant injustice.
    I start a small vibration on my frozen surface, really nothing more than a faint tremor.  Yet the force is just strong enough to continue down through my rocky interior, spreading, strengthening, until my entirety becomes unbalanced.  Using this increasingly erratic instability, I break free from my orbit, which is physically damaging.  I see chunks of my icy crust shooting out in every direction, but enough of me remains to serve my purpose.
    Out there in the seemingly endless distance, my target awaits.  The polluted blue oceans, sparkling in Sol's life-giving warmth, will boil.  The Earthlings, necks craned down at their gadgets, are blissfully unaware that I am coming to destroy everything they hold sacred.
    I am Pluto!
    I am a Planet!
    And I am PISSED OFF!

Story & Photo by John L. Harmon (2014)


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Be well, Readers, and Freak Out...and keep watching the skies!

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