Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Library Cad

My hometown library…

I enjoy my library.  The sturdy building of the Broken Bow Public Library contains a nice assortment of books, movies and magazines to borrow.  Quiet corners can be found to hide in, if you are lucky, and there is a fireplace for those bitterly cold winter days.

The library cad/sci-fi geek arrives.

Yet, on Friday, July 11th, I found myself enjoying a library in another town.  The reason for my philandering is the same old tale.  My library was not giving me something I desired, so I looked elsewhere to fill my insatiable needs.  I found the science fiction presentation I craved at the North Platte Public Library.  ( click The Doctor is in...the library  for the intimate details of this tryst )

While I could not borrow anything from the North Platte Public Library, this did not prevent me, nor my sister, from browsing around and soaking in the very unique atmosphere.  Below you can find some photos I snapped while wandering and wondering around the two floors of "the other library."

The front desk from below...

...and above.

I want to disappear between the shelves...

...and pages of the fiction section.

The perfect place to nest and read!

Move over Surfin' Bird!
Wonder what Harry Potter...
...and Hermione Granger are reading.
Dobby guarding the books.
"Dobby never means to kill those with overdue library materials.  
Dobby only means to maim, or seriously injure.”
Freaky doll, possibly being tried for witchcraft
or for not returning her library materials on time!

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