Monday, October 17, 2016

Mundane Clown Person

I am a recovering coulrophobic.  While I would probably not deal very well with a face-to-face meeting with a clown, I can now look at a photo or video of a clown and not feel utterly terrified.  What mitigated my allegedly irrational fear of clowns?  American Horror Story: Freak Show played a huge role in this because this TV series dared me to feel sympathy for a disturbing killer clown.  I saw what I feared as an emotionally complex, misunderstood human being.

Another factor in the lessening of my coulrophobia may have come from my friend Bill.  For many years he has gleefully tormented me with clown-related talk and materials.  I know, how thoughtful of him.  Yet, maybe through Bill's emotional torture, he started me down the road to overcoming my fear by immersing my psyche in all things clown.

This brings me to this week's post.  Way back in the very late 20th Century, Bill gave me a clown-related comic book.  In response, I wrote and illustrated a comic book for his birthday.  So, here is that one-shot issue from July 1999. 

(Please remember, I'm NOT an artist in the drawing sense.)

I would like to take a moment and thank Bill's husband Gary for scanning the pages of Mundane Clown Person and sending them to me.  I have a b&w copy, but I desired to showcase the original color version for this post.

Freak Out,

P.S.  Click BOO for a Halloween trick or treat! 


  1. For not being an illustrator ... you did one darn good story book!! I really liked it ... and the story!! KUDOS, my friend! Always a Pleasure reading your blog!!!!

    1. Well, thank you, Pete! I guess I don't consider myself an artist in the drawing sense because I draw in less than realistic ways.

  2. The Evil Sea Monkeys made me laugh. Where can I order some? Thanks again, for sharing another trauma (think of it as systematic desensitization).

    P.S. Your drawings have a fun Yellow Submarine-esque vibe.

    1. Believe me, Barry, if I knew where to get Evil Sea Monkeys, I would order them in a heartbeat! LOL!

      My blog theme for this month does seem to be an emotional release of sorts. Perhaps this is just what I needed.

      P.S. Thanks! I take that as a very groovy compliment!