Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Doctor is in...the library

At least we knew we were in the right place.

There wasn't a single Vashta Nerada at the North Platte Public Library on Friday, July 11th, but approximately 30 Nebraska Whovians gathered to partake in a presentation about DOCTOR WHO.  

Getting ready for the Whovian slideshow.  
Someone turn down the lights!

The hour-long program covered all of the numbered Doctors (sorry, War Doctor) and the actors who portrayed them, some of the villains, and a sprinkling of companions.  Honestly, there wasn't much I didn't already know about one of my favorite television shows, but it was fun to hear someone else talk about this enduring British sci-fi import for a change.

The ultra-delicious TARDIS cake,
along with Norman Bates' knife.

After the presentation there was cake and Who-related conversation.  One lady I spoke with had only recently discovered Doctor Who even though she is older than me.  I welcomed her to the TARDIS crew and discovered she had been living in Germany when the Doctor hit stateside in the 1970's, which she contributed to her missing the series back in the day.

Not the Second Doctor, but this guy was watching us.
Eventually all gathered were asked who their favorite Doctor is.  Most answered either 10th or 4th, with maybe a couple of 11th.  My sister and I shocked the librarian/host by answering 2nd.  Once again we stuck out, even among fellow sci-fi geeks, but we were not going to lie to fit in.  Sure, Tom Baker's Fourth Doctor was our introduction, but over the years we have come to adore the brilliantly funny and nuanced Second Doctor of the check trousers, as played by the late Patrick Troughton.

Wish my library had even one Doctor Who item.  

All in all, my sister and I had a fun and delicious Whovian time!  We shall return when the grinding-wheezing sound of the TARDIS can once again be heard materializing at the public library in North Platte, Nebraska.

A newspaper article from Saturday, July 12th.  My sister and I are just out of frame, so no cameras were harmed in the taking of this photo.

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River Song regenerated or a Weeping Angel in disguise?
What happened to her legs?

Regenerated Susan with K-9 & R2-D2's love bot?
Will they put on a puppet show?


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