Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Pluto (a short subject)

The following is a short subject I wrote many years ago, not long after the announcement concerning Pluto’s diminished status in our solar system…

by John L. Harmon

This is for the underdog...
You were discouraged from the start
Doubts surrounded the nature of your existence

This is for the misfits... 
You were made to feel inadequate
You were told you did not fit in

This is for the ones who dare to be different... 
You were removed, banned from the rest
Demoted in hopes to erase a so-called mistake

This is for the human race because we have done...and are doing...and will continue to do this to people deemed unworthy of humanity...

(August 24, 2006)

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Be well, Readers, and Freak Out,

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