Monday, September 25, 2017


1.). The first episode aired on CBS, but the rest of the season is only available on CBS ALL ACCESS.  Guess I'll never know what happens next, but do I care? 

2). Another prequel series to the original series and another case of getting the Klingons WRONG!  Though they were a slight improvement over the Freddy Krueger Klingons in the abysmal STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS

3). I've swallowed a lot of STAR TREK nonsense over the years, but I don't buy for a moment that a full-blooded human would be allowed to attend Vulcan Academy, especially before Spock!  This plot twist spits in the half-Vulcan/half-human face of the classic fan favorite! 

4).  Frakin' subtitles are offensive to my half-blind eyes!  Yes, the visually impaired community needs a spokesperson to ignite frenzied  online outrage about how often we are taken for granted!!! ;)

Anyhoo...that's it for now.  Thank you for reading my half-blind nonsense.  If you are visually impaired, I hope you have a tablet with the ability to turn my typed words into a droning unemotional audio-post.  Ain't being half-blind swell? 

Freak Out, 

Dear TV People,
Forget Will & Grace and Roseanne, and bring back these series instead...

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

AHS: Cult Kool-Aid Mixer

I will not be sipping any more of American Horror Story: Cult for health reasons.

Watching the first episode gave me nauseating flashbacks of how annoyed and depressed I was over the hate and fear-mongering emanating from both sides in the weeks following the November U.S. election.

My feelings over these extreme reactions probably caused my blood pressure to rise, which, in turn, may have been a contributing factor in my left eye having a stroke in December. 

I want to keep what sight I have left for as long as I can, so I'm poring out what's left of AHS: Cult.  Maybe I'll refill my cup next season, or when the series is  done with this political ratings ploy. 

Though I will say that it wasn't as wretchedly dull as the first episode of AHS: Hotel, and it was smart of Ryan Murphy to cast Billie Lourd as the most interesting and emotionally complex character.

However, I found the clowns repetitive and boring, but that might be because AHS: Freak Show helped me face my coulrophobia. 

Also, if Ryan Murphy wants to give a voice to people who don't feel like they have a voice, why were the main characters all white?

Anyhoo...that's it for now.  Thank you for reading my half-blind nonsense.  

Freak Out, 

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