Thursday, June 25, 2015

color mind distortion

In this world of blue
Do you know me true
Sitting between destruction and bliss
Seal your lie with my kiss

In this world of red
Do you know the dead
Alone resting in the ground
Dying to hear your whispering sound

In this world of black
Do you know there’s no way back
Lost in this nightmare land
Blindly reaching for anyone’s offered hand

JLH – August 6th, 2010

The preceding was another short subject/poem-thing in the notebook from my past…

Freak Out,

Friday, June 19, 2015


And now I see
Picture crystalized
Transmission static free
This is the end of what used to be

Was it all just a fever dream
A made-up waste of time
Brilliance turned void
Where memories go to die

JLH - June 8th, 2010

The preceding short subject/poem-thing was discovered in an old notebook of mine, predating my online life by a few years.  There may be further old, nearly forgotten words from its pages for future posts.  Only time and my temperament will tell…

Freak Out,

The notebook from my past

Monday, June 15, 2015

Writer of future past…

On Saturday the 13th of June, I was having a Twitter conversation with a knowledgeable man about typewriters.  I haven’t used a typewriter in, well, a long, long time.  After our conversation, I dug out a typewriter that I have a sordid history with and plugged it in to see if it still functioned.  Surprisingly, it did! 

This inspired me to write the following short subject with the contraption of my youth…and a second short subject with my current contraption.


While the typewriter is not mine, I can certainly claim a piece of its history, as it can claim mine.  It is on this electric machine that I wrote my infamous (and sadly) lost mess-terpiece, with the awful title…The Tide Thus Falls.  The humming electricity vibrated through my entire body, as my fingers pounded out late-night words, telling a tale of lust, sex, violence, unspeakable torture and misguided love.  All written at 14 or 15, because I was a freakboy before my muse dubbed me so. 

Freak Out,