Monday, March 4, 2019

Paperbacking Vision Bent

We now take a break from celebrating the sixth anniversary of my first e-book (by quoting each chapter) to celebrate my latest book! 

A paperback of VISION BENT (half-blind poems) has officially been available since March 1st.  Unofficially, the book has been available since February 22nd because I accidentally published it on the 21st. 

I was pretty much ready when either my ring finger or pinky brushed the "Publish" button as I zoomed in my tablet's screen with my thumb and pointy finger.  I had not ordered a proof copy, and I had to wait until Amazon approved VISION BENT to do anything else.  Thankfully, that only took 24 hours, but then I had to decide to either unpublish or to move forward by ordering a copy. 

I didn't want to start from scratch, so I kept my mouth mostly shut and placed my order.  Then I had to wait, which is my favorite pastime.  One week of agonizing over what my book might look like while worrying someone might order it before I was ready.  It's weird to be happy about no one purchasing my book.

My copy arrived a day earlier than scheduled and I held my breath while opening the padded envelope.  (insert suspense music here)  I could see, through my Mad Scientist Glasses, that I loved everything about how the VISION BENT paperback looked.  I also enjoyed how the cover felt under my fingertips, but I was disappointed over the lack of smell.  It must have something to do with how  Amazon prints books.  Guess they need to market a "new book" scent for paperbacks. 

A half-blind freakboy & his book
So, on March 1st, I posted, tweeted and whatevered about my latest book!  I'm very satisfied with my accomplishment.  VISION BENT has shown me how my half-blind eyes won't stop me from writing, putting together and releasing an e-book and a book.

Thank you to any readers, both digital & physical, for finding life within my words.  

Freak Out, 

P.S.  Much like the paperback, the VISION BENT trailer has been live for awhile.  I didn't want to say much about the video until the paperback was officially available. 

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