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freakboy on film: DEEP JAWS / THE DICKTATOR (a Walt Davis double feature)

As you remember, or maybe you’ve blocked the disturbing incident out of your mind, I stumbled upon a Walt Davis triple feature earlier this year.  The three early 1970’s films left my mind reeling and saddled me with a morbid interest to see more.  Walt’s IMDb page is filled with eyebrow-raising titles, but two caught my half-blind eyes.  So the search was afoot! 
Something Weird DVD of DEEP JAWS and THE DICKTATOR shows a woman staring happily into the distance while a blue cartoon fish with big lips says, the film you’ll love to see.  There is also a fist giving the middle finger which is shaped like a screw.  Text reads, Manuel Conde double feature. The  screwiest sex comedies you’ll ever see.
Something Weird Video had released DEEP JAWS and THE DICKTATOR as a double feature DVD in 2005, but it was out of print and out of my willing price range.  The film gods must have been watching over me because an eBay auction suddenly popped up.  It was a reasonable starting price, so I placed a bid for one dollar more.  For the third time in my eBay history, I won an auction by being the only bidder.  This may or may not have something to do with the sort of films I enjoy.  Anyhoo…as for this Walt Davis double feature…

DEEP JAWS (1976) 
screenplay by Walt Davis / directed by Perry Dell
Title sequence  from Deep jaws shows the title in bold  yellow text highlighted in red, with a 1976 copyright year.
Uranus Studios is on the brink of bankruptcy, even with the government financing a film about the U.S.-Soviet space race.  Realizing two of the biggest blockbusters in the last ten years was JAWS and DEEP THROAT, the studio decides to use some of the government money to simultaneously make a quick flick combining a disaster film with a porno.  Will Uranus Studios turn a profit or will both projects collapse under the craziness of demanding actors, an inebriated crew and oversexed studio heads?  Unlike the mermaids in the film, my lips are sealed.  
Scene from deep jaws shows Two women and three men sit in a screening room looking bored.  One man  is holding a teddy bear and another man is sucking a lollipop.
watched DEEP JAWS in a state of bewilderment.  Even knowing the general plot, it took me a bit to figure out what the hell was going on.  The acting is over-the-top, which makes sense since the script is ridiculously absurd.  Overall, I think I enjoyed DEEP JAWS.  Well, at least there were inappropriate moments that made me laugh. 

THE DICKTATOR (1974, according to IMDb)  
screenplay by Walt Davis / directed by Perry Dell
Title sequence from  The Dicktator shows the title  in bold white letters on a black  background and a fist giving the middle finger which is shaped like a screw.  1977 is listed as the copyright year.
To solve the problem of overpopulation, the United States government develops a temporary male birth control pill, but it ends up being a permanent solution.  Now the world leaders are demanding the U.S. President do something, but first he needs to play with his wind-up toys and take a dump in the Executive Bathroom.  Eventually five men, including a drag queen, who did not take the pill are located around the globe and are each christened The Dicktator.  Their mission is to impregnate fertile women…at any cost. 
Scene from The Dicktator  shows The president of the United States sits at the head of a table full of rulers from around the world as the reporters  look on.
This sociopolitical satire begins as a jarringly loud mess, far removed from political correctness, and doesn’t let up.  Unlike DEEP JAWS, THE DICKTATOR feels like it’s trying to say something about a lot of things Much like the script, the acting is all over the place, ranging from over-the-top to lackluster.  There are moments of absurd amusement, especially the spot-on jabs at the U.S. President, but some of the humor falls flat or is extremely uncomfortable.  I feel this is because the plot is more focused on sex and shocking the audience, but perhaps that was the whole point.   

I believe there are two reasons why DEEP JAWS and THE DICKTATOR are not as entertaining as the Walt Davis triple feature I reviewed in March.  First, this double feature lacks female lead characters, which made his other films far more interesting.  Second, Walt Davis did not direct DEEP JAWS and THE DICKTATOR, which is maybe why they still have their moments but aren’t quite as good.  Sort of like an Ed Wood script directed by someone else.  It’s still very much Ed Wood, but it lacks that magical spark.

In conclusion…
Neither DEEP JAWS nor THE DICKTATOR are an ideal introduction to Walt Davis.  Yet, if you’re in the mood for a couple of low-budget 1970’s softcore sexploitation flicks, they are strangely watchable in a different sort of way.  Just be sure to remove the stick before sitting down! 😉 

Thank you for reading or listening to my half-blind words. 

Freak Out, 

P.S. click the pics ⤵️ to learn more about my other 1-bid eBay auction wins… 

A scene from let my puppets come shows a human Pinocchio dancing on a glam-rock stage.

A scene from Weirdo the beginning shows a young man and a young woman standing in nature.
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  1. Sorry your film finds weren't more enjoyable, but your review certainly was! :) Hey, at least you didn't have to bid too much, right?

    1. Right! I have no regrets because I wanted to see them and I'm sure I'll watch them again! Thanks for stopping by, Barry !