Sunday, January 9, 2022

freakboy muses music: BRICKLAYER BOSH - “CURSEBREAKER”

It’s been a long couple of years, so the dropping of new music from BRICKLAYER BOSH was like a reward for surviving the madness and chaos.  Their first two albums reverberate with a fun vibe, like The B-52’s churned and filtered through a goth-punk-rockabilly spirit box.  So, I was in for a dose of intense, and oh so sweet, shock treatment when I listened to CURSEBREAKER! ⚡️ 

Curse breaker by bricklayer Bosh

Deeper music!

Darker lyrics!

Angrier attitude! 

And damn, I loved it! 

BRICKLAYER BOSH takes the listener on a tumultuous transmission trip through flipping off the haters to ditching the jerks you’ve wasted too much of your life on.  The electric energy and bulldozing beats in CURSEBREAKER culminate into the hard-won power of finding your voice, but learning that it’s your choice to either fly with your inner music or fall into a deadly pit of silence.  A lesson we all need reminding of from time to time. 

In conclusion, if you crave a jolt in the new year, plug your mindscape into the magnetic pull of CURSEBREAKER from the rock-sharp core of BRICKLAYER BOSH! 😎





Check out this awesome 2021 interview with BRICKLAYER BOSH… ⤵️

Bricklayer bosh

Thank you for reading or listening to my half-blind words! 

Freak Out, 



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  1. I love your description of this music, and for someone who really should go to Jack Black's school of Rock you have got me intrigued... thanks for joining the Sunday fun

    1. Thanks, Gill!
      Going to Jack Black’s School of Rock would be a blast!