Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The Flow of Happiness

"We are here to help you."

This is how it begins.

The brainwashing in the name of good.

The end of authentic emotions.

The beginning of imitation happiness and fake kindness.

"We detect from your social media post that you are not happy, therefore you are a potential threat to yourself and a possible disruption to the Flow of Happiness in others.  The authorities have been notified."

Then they arrive, no matter where you are.

Maybe just to talk, at first.

Then they will come for you.

Take you away for rehabilitation until your Flow of Happiness is at a comfortable level for others.

Your family, friends and neighbors will simply nod their heads in approval because they must.  It's for your own good and theirs.

"Keep smiling.  Everything and everyone is good."

Perhaps world peace will be achieved when we are all being watched all of the time and forced into a perpetual Flow of Happiness that we don't  necessarily feel.

When this fraudulent coexisting contentment begins to crack, there will be only one option left to keep the happiness flowing.

A day to release all of the negative feelings we've been forced to suppress and deny.

"The Day of Release now concludes, and everything and everyone is good.
Keep smiling.
We are here to help you.
The Flow of Happiness depends on it."

My sister and I  heard the news about Facebook's A.I. suicide prevention software today.  This caused an I wish this sounded crazy, but it really doesn't conversation in which we discussed the unsettling growing realism of the films THE CIRCLE and THE PURGE. This post was inspired by our dystopian cinematic chat.

Thank you for reading what I hope is just my half-blind nonsense.

Freak Out, 

P.S.  Speaking of being watched all of the time, the social media sites have got nothing on Anapola Van Der Van for patience, tenacity and subtle manipulation...

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