Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sweet Innocent Darkness (or the proof of my suspicions is in the breakfast)

My sister and I were devouring a sizable, delicious breakfast at a local eating establishment when the proof of my suspicions walked up to us and announced, "I need to talk to the two of you."  Such a statement, even when spoken somewhat kindly, puts my defenses up, so I was prepared for the worst, as was my sister.
"I heard you wrote a book," the proof of my suspicions stated with an acceptable amount of surprise.  Considering past encounters where someone is all initially nice, but quickly transforms into a not-very-nice-word, this statement put me even more on edge-of-disaster preparedness than usual.
"Yes," I responded tersely and directly, allowing the proof of my suspicions to take the lead.
"Is it historical?"
"Is it a romance?"
"Mm..." I wavered because there is a romantic element, " is more of a soap opera, sort of.  It is a dark and twisted tale."
"Oh," the proof of my suspicions declared.  "It is probably not something I'll want to read."
"Probably not."  I couldn't argue with blazing truth, especially with what was illuminated next.
"I like to read books where the girl gets the boy or the boy gets the girl in the end, and everyone is happy."
"Well, that is not what my book is."  Then I added, as evidence, "It is titled Dark Excursions."
The proof of my suspicions confessed to knowing this, and then talked about various other things before departing with, "Good luck with your book."
Once the proof of my suspicions had left the building, I faced my sister and exclaimed, "There is the proof of my suspicions!"  I then felt obligated to reiterate my suspicions, as if my sister hadn't heard enough about them already.  
"Even before the day I saw Dark Excursions displayed on the library shelf, I suspected that some people in town, who remember a shy, soft-spoken, and generally well-mannered boy, would make the erroneous assumption that this adult freakboy would write a sweet story full of innocent characters who do nothing wicked and live happily ever after.  I also suspected that some people would expect my book to fall under one or more of the following genres...historical fiction, historical non-fiction, western, traditional romance, inspirational fiction and/or inspirational poetry...because 9 times out of 10, if a local writer within a 100 mile radius publishes a book, it often belongs within those categories.  There is nothing wrong with those genres, it's just Dark Excursions isn't one of them."
My sister completely agreed and we finished our sizable, delicious breakfast.  I felt full from the food and full of a weird pride from finding proof of my suspicions.
Freak Out, 
P.S.  For more info on my not-so-sweet and far-from-innocent darkness, please click on WHIPPING OIL.

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