Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Are there words after words? (or tuesday night ponderings…)

I was going to write a blogpost all about the excellent review my book received.


Then I decided not to.


I thought about writing a blogpost all about my thoughts on my two years in social media.


Then I decided not to.


I considered writing a blogpost about a certain word that is not my favorite word for various reasons.


Then I decided not to.


I toyed with the idea of writing a short story based on some beautifully atmospheric photos I experienced today.


Then I decided not to.


Now I’m just typing.


Typing away the minutes.


One, two, three…diddle diddle dee.


Maybe I’m not sure what to write about now that I’ve seen my childhood dream come true.


Are there words after words?


Perhaps I’m just trying to figure out what happens next.


“You’ve just seen your childhood dream come true!  What are you going to do now?”


I don’t know, but I have NO desire to go to the so-called happiest place on earth. 


All I can say for certain, and I don’t want this to sound incredibly vain, but when I look in the mirror, I don’t see myself the way I used to.


I see vague possibilities where I used to see nothing.


Well, I do still see edges of nothing.  Such sights are not easy to completely eradicate.


I don’t know, but I know answers are lurking just under the surface.  I just need to dig in the right spot.


X marks the future, whatever it may hold.


Freak Out,

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  1. Yes, dig, write, look, analyze. Become more than the reflection. Embrace the metamorphosis.