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Haunting Sturgeons, chapter nine, by John L. Harmon

    I am sitting on a bench outside of The Golden Dusk, a rest home for the elderly.  A few of the residents are enjoying the fresh morning air, with a nurse or two nearby.  I take a sip of coffee and wonder what health reasons brought them here.  Physical deterioration or mental?  Neither sounds ideal, but maybe not knowing where you are would be better.  At least I hope that’s the case.

    My buzzing phone shakes me out of such morbid thoughts and I cautiously glance at the screen.  Relief washes over me as I see it’s a good morning text from Eddie.  I reply with a good morning from The Golden Dusk and then ask how he’s doing.  The three little wavy dots immediately appear on the screen and I find myself eagerly waiting for his response. 

Doing great!  Gotta work soon.  So, who R U visiting

    I look up from my phone at the L-shaped building, it’s burnt orange color nearly glowing in the morning sun.  Somewhere in its hallways resides a woman we both know and avoided as much as possible when we were kids.  This gossipmonger would often aim nasty opinions at Eddie, mainly centering around his single parent home and their financial situation.  He would pretend her words didn’t hurt, but his eyes could never hide the pain.  

I think you know

    The three little wavy dots appear but then disappear just as quickly.  It feels like an eternity before they appear again and I stare expectantly at the screen.  I wouldn’t blame him if he shouts in all caps, calling me a traitor and demanding I lose his number, but that’s not Eddie.  The Eddie I knew when we were young was understanding and I believe I still know him. 

Well, I hope she can help, Jimmy.  Text me later

    I thank him and promise I will.  Eddie has obviously heard how this particular resident witnessed something strange ten years ago.  Even my parents had heard about it, but I was never able to catch exact details.  That’s the price of eavesdropping as a kid, but now I’m grown and ready to face the truth.  A truth surrounded by emotional land mines.

    Approaching footsteps catch my attention, quickly followed by the unmistakable scent of clinical disinfectant.  Holding my breath, I stand up, uncertain if my request has been accepted or denied by the resident.  The nurse stops with a tight smile and gives me a once over before giving me an answer. 

    “Ms. Minch will see you now, Mr. Schroder.”


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  1. Up to date now... And 5 days to wait.. this is a great read

  2. That was a short, but oh so sweet (and sour) chapter! Looking forward to what comes next.

    1. I think you perfectly described this chapter, Barry! 👍