Friday, May 24, 2013

The Beginning…

    “Who are you and why should I waste precious minutes of my non-refundable life reading your blog?” is probably what you’re asking yourself.  Well, that and, “What’s that smell?”

    To answer the first part of your first question is deceptively simple.  My name is John L. Harmon and I am mostly unknown for “Dark Excursions: first set”, other writings, my geek love of books, cinema, and television, and living in the physical state of Nebraska.  The deceptive aspect of this is the fact that the complexity of a human individual cannot possibly be fully described in a single paragraph.

    As to why you should read my blog…well, hopefully it will be entertaining.  To entertain through words is my ultimate goal in this non-refundable life.  If I should manage to also be educational, please consider it a complete fluke of nature.

    There is an aspect of blogging I would like to, er, blog about.  My preconceived notion of blogs ran down two lines of thought.  I assumed blogs were either personal diaries (such as in MTV’s Awkward) or there should be a theme and goal to them (like in the film Julie & Julia).  Since I don’t desire to limit myself by setting up parameters, my blog will be a work-in-progress.  If it should, overtime, evolve into one thing or another, so be it!  Until then, I shall write about whatever floats my boat, as often or as sporadically as the mood strikes.

    Be well, readers…old and new…until I blog again.


P.S.  I don’t even want to know what that smell is!


  1. Fine. FINE. This is me throwing up my hands and activating my Google+ so I can follow blog posts :p

  2. Glad you did! Hope it is worth the while!

  3. Lovely quirky post. I do love a good first post that makes you feel like you have met someone that shares your sense of humour. And this is definitely one of those posts.

  4. Glad you took the plunge into the blogging world (to mix a metaphor) eight years ago. Happy anniversary!

    1. Thank you for the mixed message, Michael! LOL
      I have no regrets about my blog oh, well... yet. 🤓

  5. I like how out-of-the-box this is (and I hear ya on the smell thing, lol).