Thursday, November 6, 2014

Now serving 41...

Another year begins and it is not even January 1st.

In the past 12 months...

I wrapped up Darkening Sturgeons.

Wrote various short stories, from sci-fi to supernatural to a western.

Dabbled in some audio/video poetry.

Spiffed up my e-book serial and have slowly been preparing a print edition.

There are two things I have learned, even when shadowed by visceral self-doubt...

1) Keep expanding.  In other words, be open to new experiences.

2) Keep going.  In other words, you truly cannot predict what is waiting around the corner.

My New Year resolution is to remember these very important lessons, especially when that hollow feeling dares to envelop my soul.

Be well and Freak Out,
(older but probably not wiser)

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