Thursday, March 31, 2016

Just another Thursday post…

I peeked through old files in an attempt to find something to blog about today.  Something to fill the promise I made to myself to post at least once a week.  My peeking was futile.  Instead of dusty old words from my past, here are some of my dusty old thoughts from the present.


I can’t get excited about something if it involves being around groups of people, but pizza helps.


I can’t wait to start reading Theodore Dreiser’s “Trilogy of Desire”.


I haven’t tweeted since Monday, but I have been online.


I wasn’t online Wednesday, which is often my offline day.


Social Media can sometimes feel like the loneliest place in the universe.


They say write what you know, so I write about emotionally damaged people.


I downloaded the e-books of Dark Excursions onto my Kindle App over the free weekend, because even I wouldn’t pay for my words.


Silence is a nice way of having nothing nice to say.


I’m often faced with silence.


I lost my “the world is wonderful and everything is peachy-keen terrific” mask, if I ever even owned such an annoying and unrealistic thing.


I need more caffeine today, or a nap.


Freak Out,



P.S.  Here is a post from a Tuesday past…

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  1. Can understand and relate, John! If it's any help, I enjoy reading your words and expressions! They say so much, in many different ways. You are a gifted writer that shares many different sides of yourself! Don't Change, John for anyone or anything! Be who you were meant to be! An Awesome human being!