Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The First Genre

My initial thought when I pulled this genre from my handy, badly painted Halloween jar was...


Then I sat down and did some good old-fashioned thinking.

About my childhood.  

My personal experiences.  

The books I loved reading.  

The movies and television series I loved watching.

Multiple ideas bubbled to the surface, but one rose a bit higher than the rest.

Let's just say the idea made me grin, but that is all I dare share at this time.

A bit more word-boiling, along with some note-taking, and I shall begin to weave a tale in the genre of Children's Story.
Freak Out,
P.S.  The old/new project hit a snag last week, but I think I've got it covered.   ;)


  1. This could be interesting, is most likely an understatement with you at the wheel!! That's what will make it all the more exciting, John!! Looking forward to it!