Wednesday, April 22, 2015


I sometimes barely consider myself a writer, let alone a blogger. Sure, I sporadically post a so-called "poem" or short story, but I don't really post on a regular basis.  This fact added to my surprise when Barry of Cinematic Catharsis nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award.  His eclectic film reviews have entertained and added to my cinematic knowledge, so you should definitely check out his blog.  Plus, Barry has a cat named Buster (as in Keaton) who has eyes of different colors, similar to my Miss K!

Over my two years on social media, I have experienced the unique writings of other Versatile Bloggers from various locations.  Some of them post less often than I do, if that is possible, but infrequency does not diminish their words.  I now proudly pass on this nomination to 10 of these awesome people...











10 Things you might not know about me (and probably never wanted to):
1.  I was infected with the writing bug in 2nd grade when I wrote a story (now lost) about a sailor caught in a whirlpool who wakes up on an island of dinosaurs.  Believe me, this was more Land of the Lost than The Lost World

2.  I cohabitate with my sister and we are the caretakers of two felines...Miss K and Mr. B.

3.  I don't own a smartphone.  Technically, I don't own any kind of mobile phone.  I have access to a flip-phone, if I truly need one, but the idea of everyone being able to reach me anywhere at anytime has never appealed to me.  Plus, from what I hear, mobile phones are generally an endless stream of outrageous bills.

4.  I don't have internet or wi-fi at home.  (see 3 for the reasons)

5.  I've been mistaken for a librarian, but I'm not one.  I just spend way too much time at a library.  (see 4 for the reason)

6.  I've been mistaken for a teacher, but I'm not one.  The reason for this mistaken identity is I hang with educated friends.

7.  I've been mistaken for a professional in the medical field, but I'm not.  (see 6 for the reason)

8.  I have been behind the scenes of an eating establishment, but not a cook.  I have never wanted the responsibility of not spreading salmonella to the public.

9.  I am currently the most archaic creature in the world.  A paperboy.  It generally keeps me away from people and provides time to write.  Not that I write as much as I should.

10.  My three favorite authors are deceased...
       Ira Levin
       Theodore Dreiser 
       Jacqueline Susann

Be well & Freak Out,




  1. You're freaking great my friend, thanks so very much for the love and the nomination, I really do appreciate it. Thanks for being so awesome!