Thursday, April 2, 2015

DARK EXCURSIONS: fourth set (excerpts)

I recently realized that I have never included a sample chapter of DARK EXCURSIONS: fourth set within this blog.  A thoughtless error on my part.

After careful consideration, I could not choose one chapter to showcase.  Instead, here are a few excerpts taken from a few chapters.  Enjoy…

Chapter 67

We now take you to the gazebo...

    Anapola watches the sheriff walk slowly away, taking the heavy aroma of cheese and fish sticks with him.  Clutching the manila folder, she attempts to bury the gnawing fear, but the information only enhances it.  Add Cheryl's obsession with following in her father's footsteps, and the fear becomes palpable and dangerous, threatening to unravel Anapola's tightly woven universe with its whispered secrets.


Chapter 75

We now take you to the former hollyhock garden...

    This fear came from deep inside the woman and it was troubling to witness.  He cannot begin to imagine what could possibly scare Anapola Van Der Van so much.  In all honesty, he doesn’t want to find out.

    The former trapeze artist has plenty of his own worries and fears to occupy his mind.  He shakes off the unnerving incident and resumes his work, keeping one eye peeled toward the sun.


Chapter 79

We now take you to a pharmaceutical company...

    The empty hallways sharply echo their overlapping footsteps, creating the ambiance of a dusty museum, instead of a thriving pharmaceutical company.  To add to this sensation, large framed photographs dot the smooth white walls and Cheryl takes note of each captured moment.  The majority of the pictures are of Charles.  In every instance, he seems to be casting his stern blue eyes at his daughter and the audacity she has displayed by entering this sacred building.


Chapter 86

We now take you to an entrance...

    Time suddenly seems of the essence and he breaks into a sprint for the mansion.  A sensation of something ominous pulsates inside him, keeping time with each pounding foot.  He reaches the enormous door and tears it open without hesitation or thought, other than for Dinkel.
Copyright 2013, John L. Harmon

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