Monday, January 5, 2015

Limiting Time

My writing goal for 2015 is to see a 4-in-1 print edition of my e-book serial released into the general population by the end of March.  A worthy goal to be sure and one I believe to be possible with proper scheduling and discipline.  In other words, there are only so many hours in a day, which means I must utilize my time wisely.

One place where my time loses all sense of minutes and hours is social media.  Most of the time I enjoy connecting with fellow writers and other creative/interesting online friends.  Other times I spend way too much time online escaping reality, which often leaves me feeling empty, as if I just wasted precious hours of my life I'll never get back.

All of this ultimately translates into spending less time online and more time editing/writing.  So please forgive me if I miss some of your posts, tweets, videos, photos or blogs, or if I appear distant in the next few months.  There is much left to do before the print edition is ready, not to mention new projects being written, and I must attempt to stay focused.  Of course, I know myself well enough to know there will be a day, or two, or three where I lapse and find myself online more than planned.

Thank you for reading and all of your support.  I'll still be around and checking in when I allow myself.  It all boils down to managing my online time and my offline life more efficiently, which will hopefully result in increased productivity and a print edition of Dark Excursions by the end of March!

a freak and his book

Be well and Freak Out,

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