Thursday, April 10, 2014

the writer’s bend becomes a wallflower

"And in that moment, I swear we were infinite."
 - from Charlie's letter, dated October 28, 1991

April 8, 2014

Dear friend,
    I went to the video store to rent a new release.  The particular film I was looking for wasn't available, so I brought home the DVD of THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER.  I had been curious about it since it hit theaters a couple of years ago, but other films kept getting in the way.  Now there wasn't any other film, just this one.  Suffice it to say, after watching it twice I knew I had to read the book immediately.

    Thankfully my public library had a copy of Stephen Chbosky's 1999 novel.  While checking it out, I told the librarians about the film.  One said that the teens have really enjoyed the book.  She didn't say this in a mean way, as if I should feel stupid reading teen-oriented fiction as an adult.  I think she just wanted me to know that people have said positive things about it.

    Well, it didn't take me too long to read this insightful novel.  Sometimes I related to the main character, which might be a little weird.  I don't know.  Charlie is 15 and I am far removed from that age, but maybe it shows the author touched upon some basic human experiences and emotions.

    All I know for certain is that I really wish this book would have been available when I was 15.  And that everyone could use friends like Sam and Patrick, though whomever we meet in life should be enough to make us feel infinite.

                                                                                                               Love always,
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