Monday, December 19, 2016

An Ending

2016 is the year...

My sisterand I finished reading THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL novels.

I finished reading Theodore Dreiser's novels.

My favorite book/film/music store closed.

I subscribed to NETFLIX, and man did I enjoy it!

My eyesight took a downward spiral.  My left eye has been steadily failing in the last two weeks.  My right eye is dubious  at best, but it's keeping me from running into walls for now.   I have an optometrist appointment scheduled. 

Until I sort this vision situation out, if it can be sorted, this will be my final tale from the freakboy zone.  The last couple of posts have been typed  with great difficulty and really large text size.

I will also be MIA in various social media platforms.  I hate abandoning my vast lifeline to the world, and I would love to say I'll check in, but that remains to be, well, seen.

My old blogposts will still exist, along with DARK EXCURSIONS and DARKENING STURGEONS.   I can't deprive potential new readers the pleasure and pain of whatever the hell my so-called writing is.

In conclusion, I sincerely thank you for all the support over the last few years.

Freak Out,
John L. Harmon 


  1. Say it ain't so, John! I always look forward to reading your observations, so I think I'm in denial about the current state of your blog. Here's hoping this is just a rough spot, and you'll be able to resume operations soon.

    Best wishes, and good health in the New Year (we're all going to need it)!

  2. I've been having a much needed disconnect myself so consequently just read this post. Its hard to disconnect but sometimes necessary, please don't feel pressurized into coming back online before you're ready, your eyesight is more important than anything else, and rest is just as necessary for eyesight problems than any other health problem. Long term I think it is time you bite the bullet and get a tablet, much as I hate my tablet I have to admit it helps a lot with my blindness and mobilty issues. I hope your eyesight improves soon and that 2017 will be a much better year for you. Much love from Jinx, Darknirv and the rats, we've all got our fingers crossed here for you :)