Wednesday, November 23, 2016

My Own Little World

If I lived in my own little world...

There would be plenty of popcorn, potatoes, bacon, tacos, waffles, chicken fingers, pizza, doughnuts, and chocolate chip cookies. 

Visitors would have to call in advance.

Politics and religion would be off-limits in conversation.

There would always be a feline or canine available for lap and nap time.

The weather would always be not too cold and not too hot.

The lost classic Doctor Who stories would be found and the whole series (classic and new, plus spin-off series) would continually air on the Whovian Network, which would be free for the benefit of humankind.

IFC would air actual independent films like they did in the 1990's, with no commercial interruptions.

A dance floor would be accessible at any time, with an eclectic collection of music.

DARK EXCURSIONS would rarely be on the library shelf because of its high demand.

Ira Levin would be celebrated as a literary genius.

Julie Brown would be celebrated as a comedic genius.

John Waters would be celebrated as a cinematic genius.

Plus many other good things, small and large, that may not be listed, but are very important.

Freak Out, 

P.S. A link to a different twisted, little world I created...


  1. Sounds like a good kind of world to me. And yes, John Waters is a cinematic genius.

    1. Glad someone else sees that in John Waters!