Saturday, September 17, 2016

freakboy muses music: The Lapse

On Labor Day, 2016, my sister and I paid final respects to one of our favorite book/movie/music stores.  HASTINGS typically has a nice eclectic collection of new and used titles, from the mainstream to the relatively obscure, but this fantastic store will soon be a part of history.  It's the digital way the world is headed.  Even I have downloaded e-books, music and a t.v. show or two, but it's still sad to see it go.

Chris Leo & Toko Yasuda

On this day, I was flipping through the CD's, not looking for anything in particular, when a cover caught my eye.  The photo, for some reason, made me think of the 1960's as if viewed through a contemporary prism.  Then the name of the band, THE LAPSE, made me grin slyly.  It all made sense to me, so I picked up the CD to examine it further.  The album title and song titles were intriguing, which clinched my decision to purchase this used disc at 80% off.

A week later, I finally sat down to listen to The Lapse: Heaven Ain't Happenin'.  I wanted to give this music my undivided attention.  Within seconds I smiled because I was already digging The Lapse's sound, which might be described as funky-alternative-rock.  As the disc progressed through its 10 tracks, I continued to enjoy it, even if the meaning behind some of the lyrics were a mystery to me.  Though, this was ultimately part of my overall enjoyment because the lyrics caused me to use my brain while neck-dancing to the music.

Heaven Ain't Happenin'
2000, Southern Records
While I enjoyed all ten tracks, the following spoke to me the loudest...(my interpretations may be totally off, but it's what the songs made me feel and think)...

I VOW FOR NOW is a blunt commentary on the fleeting nature of romantic relationships, with a startling brutal honesty in its conclusion.  I was truly surprised by the use of what sounds like real names, and the emotion behind them.

FRUIT is a moody, mellow expression of long-distance love.  I can't resist a song with a lyric like, 'When I have the last scoop of you, I get a little bit sad'.  Hmmm...maybe I'm wrong and it's really about cannibalism.

INTO THE PSYCHOMANTEUM, CHRIS & TOKO is a funky piece of concluding instrumental to play you and The Lapse back into however you and they define reality.  This song title played a huge part in my decision to purchase this CD, and it ends with no regrets on my part.

If there is a point to this post, it is to take a chance on the unknown once in a while.  You may occasionally find a gem among the  music, movies and books.  Which is ultimately why I'm bummed to see brick & mortar stores closing.  While it is still possible to run across random digital gems, it doesn't seem quite as satisfying to me.  A physical disc or book can be special in the sense that it feels like you've discovered some magnificent treasure that is unknown to all but you.

So, if what I've blogged intrigues you, consider this your random find and search for this CD of The Lapse!  FYI: an album titled Betrayal! is streaming on Spotify, but currently Heaven Ain't Happenin' there, so to speak. 

Freak Out, 

P.S.  Here is a not too old post that centered round Hastings as I frantically searched for my favorite dolls...


  1. I totally with you. John! I found some great vinyls (my day), just from the album cover, reading the back and smiling, and going to the cashier to bring if home and play it! I miss that enjoyment! It did feel like a little treasure that you had all to yourself! Loved your view and thoughts!

    1. Thank you, Pete!
      Your vinyl experience is like mine, just a different medium.