Monday, September 7, 2015


    "It is not fair," opinioned the new one in unapologetic discord.
    "Who ever deemed it otherwise?" the old one attempted to placate the restlessness, with minimal success.
    "I just arrived here!  How can I be leaving already?"
    "A reasonable query from one so fresh," the old one mused.  "It is simply your time."
    The ambiguous answer is either ignored or rejected by the new one, "But you have been here for an expansive time, and here you remain."
    "Yes, waiting, and when my time is at hand, I will leave here."
    "When?  When will you leave here?"
    "I do not know."
    "Will we know each other after you leave?"
    "Perhaps, but we may not know it."
    Silence, and then the discorded opinion repeated with an addition, "It is not fair and there seems little point in it all."
    The old one considered much before divulging hard-earned experience, "Knowledge is the point.  To acquire and to comprehend."
    "How can this be if we lose all knowledge when we leave?" posed the new one, unwillingly facing the inevitable.  "Even now it is slipping from me, all I know."
    "You are still fresh and do not yet understand.  Some time ago I was the same," the old one sympathized.
    "Then assist me!  Help me to understand!"
    The new one's desperate fear permeated the old one, forcing sedate truth, "I cannot help you understand, for I do not fully understand.  All I can give you is what you may have already lost, as your time is near."
    "Please, anything!"
    "Knowledge acquired will join with the retained in the end."
    As soon as it is relearned it is lost once again.  The last remaining vestiges of knowledge are vacated, as pressure enveloped the new one in suffocating darkness.
    Suddenly, jarringly, a blurry white incandescent light filled the new one's field of vision.  Indescribable sensations bombarded the new one's being; an awakening to the vast unknown.
    A moment of silence, of adjustment, passed and then the new one cried.  Cried, unaware of the knowledge that was lost and would one day be reclaimed and expanded.

Story: 2010/2015, John L. Harmon
Title Photo: 2015, John L. Harmon 

Thank you for reading.
Freak Out, 

P.S.  The preceding was a short story, that I did a bit of 2015 fiddling with, found in the notebook from my past…