Monday, December 1, 2014

4 days...(a mini-journal)


(Wednesday, November 26, 2014)

I am keeping this mini-journal to stay sane during my offline time and as a reminder of what life can be like outside of social media.  Perhaps I'll learn something deep and thought-provoking about myself, but probably not.


DAY  1

(Thursday, November 27, 2014)

Every so often I randomly take a 24 hour sabbatical from social media, so one day offline wasn't too difficult.  Honestly, I did spend last year's Thanksgiving weekend offline, but that was different.  At that point in time I didn't have a device in which to connect to Wi-Fi, so it was easy to accept.  I simply didn't have a choice.  Now the temptation to connect is hanging above me.  I could have grabbed my device (~snicker~) on my way over to my father's and loitered outside my favorite Wi-Fi hotspot, but I didn't.  Though I now find myself wondering if a canine friend in Omaha had a filling holiday meal, and if Texas experienced a very pink Thanksgiving.

What did I do with the time I typically spend online, besides eating with family and taking a really awesome nap?  Well, I did not do any editing, which I feel a bit guilty over.  However, I began writing a short story.  I'm not sure if the tale will end up on this blog, but we shall see.  The thrill of immersing myself in a fictional world, other than social media, was enough, at least for today.

DAY  2

(Friday, November 28, 2014)

A second day offline draws to a close.  Once again, I must confess that every so often I have taken two days off, but during those times I cheated a bit.  I would often pop on and quietly look around to keep up with what was going on.  Maybe respond to any personal messages.  Not today!  Even though the freak summer-like temperatures should have tempted me to sit outside, maybe under the Tweeting Tree, and lose myself in the world of social media, I didn't experience an overwhelming urge.  However, I did catch myself curious to know if the Swedish & English bear brothers were reunited, and if Tennessee had theorized everything yet, but these will hopefully be happy surprises come Monday!

I managed to take a leisurely long walk and accomplish some editing today.  I'm approximately halfway finished with word chopping and rearranging, so there is much to feel satisfied about, but so much more to go.  My short story kept drawing me away, which is fine.  At least I'm being distracted by a productive project.  There is something about this story that has me all knowing grins and maniacal chuckles.  I'm beginning to believe it will eventually find its place on my blog, even if no one understands the journey but the deranged author.  

In film news, my sister and I revisited the 1972 classic Blacula.  To be honest, I find it one of the more entertaining versions of the Dracula legend.


DAY  3

(Saturday, November 29, 2014)

A third day offline but not completely out of touch with the outside world.  I called to hear about wild New York turkeys, but had to leave a message.  Still feeling the itch to talk, I phoned a friend who is smart enough to avoid social media all together.  She knows there are benefits to being connected, but she also hears about the negative aspects.  I respect and appreciate her off-the-grid decision, and she respects why I joined the seemingly endless digital conversation.  My friend and I had a great time catching up, with topics ranging from Dark Excursions to zombies to British telly to malaria.

I spent more time on editing today, partly because a napping cat on my lap prevented me from reaching my short story.  Though I did eventually make some progress on my literary journey, pausing as I rang the doorbell.  My plan is to focus more on writing tomorrow as I do some laundry.

The temperature was once again freakishly summer-like, which may explain my desire to talk to another living human person, whom I don't see or speak with often.  As a third day ends, I wonder if M & J continue to feel the glam and sing the blues.  Plus, I can't wait to read what a fellow feline pet parent from Omaha thought of Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever!  I was rather entertained by the whole thing.

In other film news, my sister and I watched the 1973 lethargic yawn fest Scream, Blacula, Scream for the first time.  Doesn't hold a candle to the first one, but we had not expected it to.


DAY  4

(Sunday, November 30, 2014)

Did the Stove Top Stuffing Queen experience a tasty Thanksgiving?  Were the kittens painted on Wednesday?  Whose cookies have the cookie thief taken?  Did Mr. Dimples post any new shots?  Are there any new videos from Australia?  Has Chadwick finally found love?

Those are a sampling of questions that were running through my head this morning.  I had to resist the incredibly strong urge to locate a Wi-Fi source and find the answers to my online queries by distracting myself with a relative phone call, writing, laundry, and writing about laundry.  Maybe my resolve weakened on this fourth day or perhaps I simply miss the wonderfully strange and eclectic folk I call friends, whether they are from real life or reside strictly online.

As this final full day offline draws to a close, I wonder what I'll find when I log back on tomorrow.  Will there be absolute chaos or ordered calm?  I won't know until then, but for now I can only speculate what a Lincolnite thought of Once Upon A Time, and if a relative from an isle of grand will continue watching The Walking Dead.  Both shows had a jaw-dropping moment or two.



(Monday, December 1, 2014)

Did I learn anything from my self-induced exile from the internet and social media?  Perhaps nothing earth-shattering, but I learned a couple of things.

I learned that I can spend time offline and still find emotional fulfillment.  That being said, I also learned that the connections I've made online are important to me.  The wonderfully strange and eclectic folk expand my world view and make me feel like I found my ancient tribe through modern methods.  Plus, the fellow writers I have interacted with help to keep me motivated and focused.

Will I ever again spend such a large amount of time offline?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  It was a nice break from what had become the norm and I accomplished a few things, but I'm back online now.  Let the interactions begin...

Be well, Readers, and Freak On,


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