Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Ain't no jive in 1975!

I traveled back in time to 1975 by watching the pilot of STARSKY & HUTCH.  This 90 minute (with commercials) episode was surprisingly entertaining.  It had intrigue, humor, a freakin’ awesome car chase, and a clever, twist-filled plot.  Oh, and an extremely memorable moment with Huggy Bear at an adult theater!

A few things that need to be said...

The opening scene must have raised the bar for violence on television.  While not bloody, it is a shocking experience considering the television time period.

Eat your heart out, Quentin Tarantino!  Two decades before his hip, pop culture spoutin' characters graced the silver screen, there were the Triggermen.  They are two unapologetic hitmen doing what they are hired for while riffing on John Wayne.  Too cool for school!

This show proves that LIFE ON MARS (the UK version) truly captured the gritty-glitz that crime shows from the 1970's radiated.  I kept expecting Gene Hunt and Sam Tyler to pop in for a cameo.

Full disclosure: prior to this, I had only seen one later episode of STARSKY & HUTCH and the ridiculous Ben Stiller/Owen Wilson film.  While they didn't leave much of an impression on me, the pilot sure did.  Another visit to 1975 is definitely in the cards, and that ain't no jive, sucka!
Bonus Material To Get Clicky With (and there may be a test, so pay attention):
S & H Pilot Episode

Life On Mars Opening Credits

A different show from a different time…

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