Thursday, May 1, 2014

Things I should be doing...

...instead of putzing around online or making a list of things I should be doing:

Writing my piece of supernatural blog fiction.  It is a story I have been attempting to write for quite sometime and I may have finally found the key to releasing my caged words.

Preparing the text for a Dark Excursions print edition.  Truth be told, my e-book serial hasn't experienced a new reader since May of 2013, so a print edition is more for myself than anyone else.

Realigning photos for a possible cover to the print edition.  I am picturing the print edition cover to be an amalgamation of the original four e-book covers.

Playing with Miss K.  My duo-color eyed feline companion has the energy of a kitten, even though she is approximately 5 years old.

Resting with Mr. B.  This mostly outdoor, orange feline companion is younger than Miss K, but sleeps more.

Attempting to make a new friend.  Recently realized the majority of my social life resides 70 or more miles away or is strictly online.  Maybe I should expand my horizons to within the city limits and real life...and maybe human.

Reading a book that has been patiently waiting for a few months.  Yes, Mr. Dostoyevsky, I see your Demons sitting there.  Yet, I am tempted to go on a third Picnic at Hanging Rock with Ms. Lindsay.  

Watching more 1950's sci-fi television.  There is nothing else quite like this retro style of fun!

Cultivating a flair for the dramatics.  Some may argue I achieved this long ago.

Not being so sarcastic.  Sure, and then I will grow wings and fly to the moon!

Not being so cynical.  I'm a realist, not a cynic!

Going for a long walk.  Just to get away from people, which may hinder making a new friend.

Hhhmmm...tough choices.  Maybe I will just sit quietly and contemplate the brilliant futility of making lists.

Be well, Readers, and Freak Out,

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  1. Sorry, Mr. Dostoyevsky, but going on a third Picnic At Hanging Rock with Ms. Joan Lindsay won out. I will hopefully pick up your Demons next month!