Monday, December 30, 2013

Darkening Sturgeons: Chapter Twenty-Five

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Chapter Twenty-Five

by John L. Harmon

    Eugene Raymond Stickler, quite unscathed, physically, bellows with unmitigated fury as his old and new scientific technology erupts in sparks and flames.  Sheriff Benjamin Straker continues to aim and fire his empty gun until his Chief Deputy snaps him out of it.

    “Okay, Ben, you’ve raged against the machines.  Now let’s get the hell out of here before this place blows!”

    “Yes,” Ben agrees, as if just waking up, “I need to see.”  He shoots a glance at the now dead television monitor, pivots and exits the growing chaos of the laboratory.

    Clyde begins to follow but is stopped by Christine.  “What about Stickler?”  The swelling noise drowns out his aggressively blunt answer, but she gives an understanding nod at the intense expression on his face.  She nearly follows the Chief Deputy out before realizing her co-worker has yet to depart this dangerous scene.

    Samuel, standing perfectly still, studies Eugene Raymond Stickler’s futile attempts to gain control over the uncontrollable inferno.  Even a fire extinguisher has little to no effect on the burning equipment.  The notion of all of this technology, all of this genius, wasted on a nefarious, destructive scheme has a life-altering effect on the young doctor.  He rips off his labcoat, having placed the debatably effective black gadget into a white pocket, and flings the physical representation of his life into the licking flames.

    Christine, respecting this silent, emotional decision, grabs his arm and as a team they run.  Through the narrow hallway, as sizzling, metallic popping echoes after them.  Through the unimportant living area, as a steady rumbling begins under foot.  Into the entryway, where Sam grabs a forgotten item on their way to the assumed safety of outdoors.

    The afternoon sun is blinding but they keep running along the forgotten gravel drive, past the unkempt shrubs.  Ahead of them is Clyde exiting the not-so-rusted massive gate, glancing over his shoulder to check if they are following.  They are and they do, out the gate and into the woods as the sound of multiple explosions rock the air.
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  1. Will the technology pop up in another guise or in the hands of another? It's hard to kill an idea.