Friday, November 8, 2013

Darkening Sturgeons: Chapter Eighteen

A short chapter of my blog fiction, but it is better than nothing...


Chapter Eighteen

by John L. Harmon

    The engine of the large white van, followed by the generic gray police cruiser, cuts through the silence of Sturgeons.  It doesn’t seem possible that over 4,000 people have either fled or vanished, but the palpable stillness makes the unbelievable disturbingly real.

    Evacuated buildings of the downtown business district zip by as the scientific duo try to focus on their work at hand.   With recent developments this is difficult to accomplish.

    “Did he live up to your uniformed daydreams?” Dr. Christine Abernathy can’t help but inquire from behind the steering wheel.

    “He seems sweet and honest, so we shall see,” Dr. Samuel Dwyer answers, looking up from the black gadget, while nudging up his glasses.  “So, were you truly expecting to see your date again?”

    “No, and now I don’t know what to think.”

    Evacuated businesses give way to abandoned houses of the residential area as the law enforcement duo try to stay focused on the road and the white van ahead of them.  This is easier said than done.

    “Do you trust him?” Chief Deputy Clyde Woodhouse asks, glancing at the contrary image of his passenger’s clean, bandaged face and torn, dirty uniform.

    “I think so.  He seems sincere and thoughtful enough,” Sheriff Benjamin Straker answers, briefly touching the bandage near his left eye.  “Do you trust her?”

    “I did Saturday night, but now I don’t know.”

    Abandoned homes are fewer and farther between as the two sole moving vehicles in Sturgeons reach the city limits.  An occasional tree turns into a few, which multiplies considerably as they head out of town, but not too far.  Another half mile and the vehicles leave the smooth highway for a bumpy dirt road, leading them to the signal registering on the black gadget.

    Leading them back to Stickler Woods.
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