Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Darkening Sturgeons: Chapter Seventeen

Better late than never.  My blog fiction continues..

Chapter Seventeen

by John L. Harmon

    Dr. Christine Abernathy, for the first time in a long time, is uncertain about her emotions.  Her brown eyes had watched Chief Deputy Clyde Woodhouse stand up, ready to assist his superior, his friend.  During their Saturday night date, Clyde came off as intelligent, funny, cocky and sexy as hell, which added up to a sizzlin’ time.  Innate sweetness and loyalty did not emerge from this man that night, but she sees it now and it touches something inside of her.

    And Clyde remains standing, having been beaten to the helpful punch by her colleague.  She can see by the Chief Deputy’s alert stance that he feels it should have been him to make a beeline for the Sheriff.

    “Don’t worry, Clyde.  Your Sheriff is in capable, sympathetic hands.”

    Chief Deputy Clyde Woodhouse isn’t sure if she means that figuratively, literally, or both.  All he knows for certain is that Ben would be there for him, because that is the kind of guy his superior is.  He sits back down on the office chair, feeling somewhat disappointed in himself, and swivels to face Christine.

    “Is this what the two of you do?  Travel around in a big white van, investigating unexplained occurrences, and hooking up with the locals?”

    “Not quite, Clyde,” Christine cannot help but chuckle at the accusation.  “We have equipment at the University that detected some high energy readings in and around Sturgeons.  Sam and I had free time, so we decided to investigate these occurrences.”

    “And investigate the Sturgeons dating scene,” Clyde adds nonchalantly.

    “You know what they say about all work and no play.”

    Clyde swivels away and stares toward the restroom.  He questions if he and Ben are just being toyed with, used.  He questions if his date with Christine meant anything to her or to himself.  He swivels around to face her with another question.

    “What about these readings?”

    Christine shoves her hands deep into her lab-coat pockets, as she often does when addressing a full classroom.  “We originally theorized that the energy was weather related, and it still may be, but we can’t seem to pinpoint an answer.”

    Before Clyde can respond with another question, Sheriff Benjamin Straker and Dr. Samuel Dwyer emerge from the lavatory sanctuary.  On top of the Sheriff’s head remains the beige hat of Lawrence.  This fills the Chief Deputy with a sense that everything is a-o.k.

    Suddenly a loud beeping emits from one of Christine’s pockets.  She pulls out a black gadget, stops the irritating noise, and gives Samuel an eager expression.

    “It’s happening again.”
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  1. love me my phantom energy, quasi-magical force entities.because they're REAL and in no way fiction. people gotta wake up and tune in!