Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The TV Freak: THE TWILIGHT ZONE ("It's a Good Life" Edition)

You are about to enter the lost tale from the freakboy zone..

Imagine, if you will, a freakboy in December of 2016 blogging about his love of television as he watches his world literally fading to grey.  

He doesn't know what is happening to his vision, other than it's failing him.  Either through severe determination or an unwillingness to admit anything is amiss, the freakboy keeps writing until it becomes too difficult.  With a heavy heart and hazy, half-blind eyes, he ends his blog, uncertain of the future.

After several chaotically emotional months, the freakboy finds his way back to blogging, turning that ending into a new half-blind beginning.   

Now, one year later, the freakboy finally presents the last thing he wrote before that premature 2016 ending.  His Mad Scientist Glasses, and a lot of practice & patience, have made this possible. 

I could go on about Rod Serling and his brilliance.   I could also talk about how THE TWILIGHT ZONE was my first introduction to sci-fi/horror, but I want to focus on one of my favorite episodes.  Specifically, a theory I have on one particular element of the story.
It's real good Anthony has an extensive list of things he dislikes, such as dogs and singing.
As you may know, It's a Good Life is about a little boy holding the town of Peeksville, Ohio hostage.  How little Anthony Fremont accomplishes this is through his god-like powers.  He can change the weather or create and destroy life on a whim.  Have mercy on your soul if you should upset little Anthony Fremont, for he may transform you into some hideous creature or wish you into the Cornfield.
It's real good when Anthony sucks the fun out of a party by turning a drunk neighbor into a jack-in-the-box. 
It's this cryptic Cornfield that peaks my interest.   What is it?  It would be easy to assume that the Cornfield is some place of unspeakably grotesque torture, but I have often thought it could be salvation from little Anthony Fremont's wrath .
Does the Good Life begin or end in the cornfield?
Imagine, if you will, the Cornfield as the hidden happy ending everyone is scared of reaching.  The residents of Peeksville, Ohio are so terrified of upsetting little Anthony Fremont that they are walking on eggshells, but by making him angry they could unknowingly be set free.  Yes, even if he turned them into some monstrosity first, they would reach the Cornfield back to normal.  Wouldn't it be a Twilight Zone twist-ending worthy of Serling?

Maybe.  Maybe not.  Either way, thank you for reading my thoughts on the Cornfield.

Freak Out, 

P.S.  I wouldn't last long in Peeksville, Ohio.

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