Friday, May 31, 2013

The History…Pt. II

    If we learned one thing from my previous entry it is that I have always followed the tune of my own harpsichord, which seems to answer my cliffhanger question.  My early childhood experiences do indeed indicate freak, and this category had both a positive and detrimental effect on my psyche.

    Now, having established that I am a variation of freak, allow me to elaborate on my so-called creative side, which eventually led to my nickname and blog title.

    In 9th grade, a cesspool of hormones and wickedness, I wrote a violently lurid story with an utterly inane title.  “The Tide Thus Falls” centered on an FBI agent who went undercover as a high school student to locate and capture a dangerous man.  She, of course, had a personal vendetta to settle.  Sex-kissed melodrama, with a voyeuristic line of kink running throughout, this tale is lost to time thanks to a friend’s faulty locker and my own stupidity for not making a second copy.  Interesting note, it was allegedly passed around like a high school whore but only a couple of souls were brave enough to approach the freak teen author.

    Jumping ahead to the late 1990’s/early 2000’s, I was forever dubbed “freakboy” by a dear friend whom I shall call The Elusive Miss P.  There was no ceremony or notarization involved, TEMP simply used “freakboy” as my name in her e-mail address book.  I liked it, it stuck, and I have never asked her why she chose the name she did.  I suspect the moniker came about after one too many tales involving either evil twins & hot charcoal or mixed-up underwear & twisted doughnut tricks, but I suppose she could have had her own reason.

    “Freakboy” soon begat “The Freakboy Zone”, a ‘zine I briefly contributed to N*.  For this fleeting time I found a creative outlet with like-minded freaks, and I mean that in the most life-affirming way.  My ‘zine’s title was appropriate since N* was mainly about comic books and I stood out a little as a former comic book junkie.  Thankfully I could write about my earlier addiction to DC and EC Comics, among other eclectic topics.

    Over the last several years I have e-mailed family, friends and other a series of what could be called life-essays.  Topics ranged from a nosey librarian to bizarre feline behavior to my obsessive love for “Valley of the Dolls” and “Beyond…”.  In the subject line “tales from the freakboy zone…” could always be found.  In hindsight, it was a form of pre-blogging, so this is why my blog shares that particular title.  I may have to blow the digital dust off a few of my favorite e-mails for later entries.

    Anyhoo…introductions are over and some questions have been answered.  Now it is time to see what I can do with this blog and where it will take me.

Be well, readers…and Freak Out,



P.S. Blogs seem to be ideally suited for short stories and serials.  No promises, just thinking out loud through typing.

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  1. Digital dust is one thing, it's the digital dust bunnies that will sneak up on you in your sleep and get their fuzzies all up in ... and ... I'm sorry, what was I saying?